Yad Show



Here's What's In Store For You..

It’s one thing to listen to a lecture on how to meet beautiful women.

It’s another to actually see the method in action, right before your very eyes.

In “The Yad Show,” you’ll do just that as you watch the legend himself approach, speak with, and ultimately win-over 8 different stunningly attractive women.

Each, in an entirely different day-time situation.

Afterwards, you’ll be debriefed by Yad as he breaks down his own footage and explains every move he made, why he made it, and how you will want to incorporate it into your game.

Many students comment that seeing Yad in action is what finally inspired them to take control of their dating lives.

If a pudgy middle eastern guy with bad acne and a funny accident can have beautiful women opening up to him and wanting to get together, why can’t you do the same?

Well, you can and the Yad Show takes you one step closer to being able to do just that.

So prepare to have your mind blown with stunning visual proof that the Day Game Blueprint methodology really works

Included in this program:

  • Video #1 – From Russia, with love (63 minutes)
  • Video #2 – A Swedish Damsel (56 mins)
  • Video #3 – Care for an Aupair (20 mins)
  • Video #4 – Bubble Tea Date (35 mins)
  • Video #5 – Attract an Actress (34 mins)
  • Video #6 – Norwegian Beauty (46 mins)
  • Video #7 – Shopping for Blondes (42 mins)
  • Video #8 – A Date with Miss Dracula (26 mins)


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