The Game Changing Factor of Free Flow


We can all sometimes be guilty of thinking too much, over-analysing minute life details that our egos blow out of all proportion, leading to feelings of anxiety, social discomfort and worse, alienation.

This can especially be true in daygame, where the poison of not doing and overthinking become all too real, with every approach you don’t do and the your rightful manly desires you don’t express, you become a little bit more self conscious and stagnant.

Therefor we must decidedly plan before we leave the house to properly warm up and achieve a free flowing mind state that parks our egos aside and allows us be expressive.

Here’s a few ideas to get you into a more relaxed and positive frame of mind as you step out on your Daygame adventures.


I’ve been doing this for 8 years now, and I can hand on heart say girls have a supernatural ability to feel who you are from the get-go, they have special intuition for sussing out what kind of guy you truly are, your intentions, your inner thoughts as soon as they lock eyes with you, and you better be the cool happy go lucky guy who is on an adventure and isn’t thinking deeper than that, rather than the weak man who is just after some needy self-gratification for his ego’s sake.

I’ve been both, the great Russian philosopher Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said that “the line separating good and evil passes not through beliefs and ideals but through every human heart”.

Hence i’m not saying a man must at all times be perfect, no one is perfect and woman don’t expect you to be, but your vision and actions must always at least strive to be the best you can be, even after falling on the bad side, picking yourself up and hoping back on the good side twice as strong as before.

It’s simple really, live by beautiful life principles, treat the week and strong the same, look after your body and eat healthy, make time for your family and friends, do a little charitable deed every week, read a great book that might teach you something new about the human condition. All these things lead to a more beautiful you and therefor woman will pick up on that vibe and will want to be a part of you.


The brain is basically a muscle that needs training for specific activities, just like a great tennis player doesn’t just wake up and starts playing a match, he spends 3 hours warming up in order to familiarise himself with the art of tennis again, and this is a guy who has played the game since he was 6 years old on average 4 hours a day, so you need to be looking at Daygame in the same fashion.

The brain needs to feel connected to the world, as part of the same social fabric and wavelength as everyone else, there’s a reason why we’re cracking jokes with our mates at 7pm down the bar, we’ve socially warmed up by that point. Your goal as a beautiful man should be to interact with people from all walks of life, with no alternate intent apart from bringing out a joyful, shared moment.

This sort of sociability factor will make you stand out, as your not just talking to girls who you want to get into the bedroom with, but being a wonderful sociable man all round, and this will resonate with everyone you meet. There’s always room for a bit of banter whether it’s the neighbours or the girl serving you coffee, if you take an opportunity to be a bit human and communicate with that person on a deeper level than just the everyday niceties, you’ll quickly start to appreciate the humanity in everyone, and how we’re all connected, intertwined with our common desires for happiness and human touch.

A great way to get into a good mood in Daygame is to make at least 10 approaches with just giving her a compliment and decidedly not wanting anything more, your vibe and state will snowball from non-existent to the most noticeable guy walking around, very quickly.


Falling for the trap of beat yourself up when your not getting the desired outcomes, is the worst thing you can do. For example some things can be out of your control, such as she might be having a difficult day, or there’s a family member she’s just fallen out with. Keep a positive mind-frame, this will effect your future sets, you can actually visualise positive future reactions before your next set, this will make her feel the positivity and be a lot more receptive to your advances.

Also try and consciously cut off self-talk when your out and about, focus more on action rather than thinking, we are our own worst enemies sometimes, creating self doubt and bad vibes inside of our heads and bodies, remember that more action means less time your in unnatural mode, your aim is to do 10 approaches and then have a quick summarisation, never judge girl by girl, your only allowed to take stock after every 10 girls as that gives a much more accurate picture of your progress.


Daygame is a great way to meet lots of beautiful, like-minded, adventurous girls, and at the same time develop and push yourself as a man to the utmost degree. Now that’s win-win 🙂

Daygame Blueprint Team

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